December 25, 2011

Tongue Stew with Côte-Rôtie

Tongue is probably not going to make a huge come-back in the kitchens of North America any time soon, and that is a real pity. We had some stewed tongue recently that changed our minds about this challenging cut of beef. The texture was incredible, so tender yet resilient, and a flavour like fine tenderloin. We decided to try making it ourselves.

One beef tongue, onions and parsley.

We simmered everything for about four or five hours and then chilled it in the fridge over night. The next day we gave it another simmer for about four hours.

After all that, the shape has hardly changed at all.

Removing the skin takes a lot of careful cutting so as not to lose any of the meat.

Shimeji are almost too cute to cook.

Another long, slow stew in demi-glace.

A fantastic winter meal, served with peas, polenta and cream. The wine was almost designed specifically for this meal: Domaine Jean-Michel Stephan, 2008 (a blend of Syrah and Viognier) from the Southern Rhône.

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