April 16, 2011

Dig-Dig #15: Follow Up Part 2

Heat treating brought out the colours, and cutting/faceting gave them the sparkle. It's hard to explain how happy Aya is with these results.

The stones were cut to whichever shape allowed the least loss. "Princess" cut is square (-ish).

What is amazing is that there is another batch still to come.
The next step is to start panning gold here in BC and eventually (hopefully) collect enough to make something that will hold these.

April 15, 2011

Dig-Dig #14: Follow Up

The postman brought a strange package today.
Her heart rate was tracked.

What...  what is this?

Phillipsburg? Wha-? AH! Is it?

Come on...

Is it really?

Oh, come on!

Stupid plastic... Scissors. SCISSORS!



(To be continued.)

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