December 1, 2011

Machiavelli Chianti Classico

We recently celebrated our anniversary by taking advantage of a change to our provincial wine laws: customers can now take their own bottle of wine to a restaurant.

We went to a favourite bistro nearby called Les Faux Bourgeois and took along a bottle of 1999 Chianti Classico that we bought at the winery about five years ago.

The winery is part of the Machiavelli farm, just outside Firenze. We dropped in to see the museum (not much beyond his old writing desk) and ended up tasting, and buying, some wine. We carried two bottles of the 99 back to Vancouver and drank one in October 2007.

We both had delicious grilled meat and the wine was fantastic; complex fruit and earthy flavours nicely balanced with high acidity. There was a corkage fee, naturally, but it was quite fun to open our own bottle at the table.

Google Street View offers a good look at the winery's front door:

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