December 19, 2011

Community-Generated Christmas Decoration

The centre-piece for this year's Christmas dinner table:
Hard to see, but the whole platform is resting on a bed of pine branches and garlands of silver beads.

The houses are lit by a string of battery-powered LED Christmas lights. We poked holes in the foam-core base and pushed the bulbs through from below.

Some dry branches and a little spray-on snow really added to the effect.

We sent a copy of the plans to our dinner guests and asked them to make and bring their own house to add to the neighbourhood. Someone made two from red plaid paper, which added some lovely colour.

Feel like making your own? Download the printable version of the house plans here. It fits on a single piece of 8.5" x 11" (Letter) paper when printed at 100%. With a sharp craft blade, a metal-edged ruler and a couple of dabs with a glue stick, each house should only take about ten minutes.

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