December 17, 2011

Sakura Dinner and Wine

We were treated to an astounding meal at Sakura, a fine French restaurant at the New Otani hotel in Osaka.

A little cone of ikkura (roe) and a slab of foie gras sandwiched between two dark chocolate biscuits.

Scallops and octopus in a sea-water jelly.

This Meursault was fantastic; lemony and lightly oaked and a perfect pairing for the seafood.

Uni (sea urchin) roe with caviar and consommé.

Grilled lobster with bisque sauce.

Bacon on creamy pasta. Those are thick slices of fresh white truffle.

To refresh the palate, a little champagne sorbet.

There was a mind-boggling choice of Bordeaux to open with the main course  We went with the one on the right.

An unmistakeable colour.

Slow-roast lamb.
Breast of guinea-fowl and a huge piece of foie gras. Gamey, tender and incredibly delicious.

A selection of cheeses. The two wedges in the middle are Stilton, chosen specifically to go with the dessert wine.

The dessert wine was... well, it's actually very difficult to put into words. Let's just say that it wholeheartedly deserved its outstanding reputation.


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