September 24, 2006

Lucca, Italy

Four from Lucca.

You-know-where, Italy.

Guess where these were taken...

Trieste, Italy

A couple from Trieste. Note the big piece of crust on the counter that was around the ham when it was baked. You may be thinking that it tasted good and we would like to confirm that right now: yes it did.

September 18, 2006

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Crafts fair, Ljubljana.

Prison that housed political dissidents converted into a hostel.


Antique market, Ljubljana.

Presherov Square in Old Ljubljana.

Getting silly with Illy in Ljubljana.

September 17, 2006

Lunch on the train to Ljubljana. We splurged for "Sleeping German Guy"-class tickets.
The city of Rijeka, where we caught the train to Ljubljana.

The city of Split, seen from the campanile in the Old Town. We boarded an overnight ferry to Rijeka.

The small island town of Lastovo. Our room is the fourth red roof from the right. Fresh figs and grapes for breakfast, lobster overlooking the sea for dinner (it was our anniversary).
Naif and his son Antan, two Albanian Kosovars we met on the train from Sarajevo. They were on their way to Capline to find work as bakers.

Sarajevo. We only had about twenty-four hours in town, but it was full of cafés, galleries, amazing architecture and wonderful people.

September 6, 2006

Dancing cats in Kotor, Montenegro.

We bought a big piece with walnuts in it to eat on the bus back to Dubrovnik. Smokey and delicious.

Dubrovnik as seen from a tower atop the surrounding wall. Shiny marble streets and white walls below. Truly magnificent.

Before boarding the overnight ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik, we had a fantastic fish dinner by the harbour. With a nod of the head to the question "antepasti?" we suddenly had seven dishes piled in front of us. A highlight of the night was the ten-year-old girl showing her ink-blackened smile to the waiter when he asked how her risotto nero was.

We arrived early in Rome and stayed two nights, reaquainting ourselves with some wonderful Caravaggio and Bernini around the Campo dei Fiori. The guidebook dispells the myth that Bernini´s figure of the Nile is recoiling in disgust at the nearby building that was designed by a rival, but a story that good becomes true if we want it to.
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