October 17, 2012

Pork Pie and Éphémère Apple Beer

We have written before about Éphémère Apple Beer.
One thing that it pairs with particularly well is a pork pie from Oyama Sausage Company.

Crispy, flaky pastry filled with dense, flavourful pork sausage. A perfect match for the green apple flavours in the wheat beer.

Available from their shop on Granville Island, if you're in town. 

Not sure how we missed this when we posted about Summer Goodies a little while ago. Aya's tomatoes had a ripping season once the weather got warm. The red ones came in by the handful. When they were finished, the yellow, pear-shaped ones came in by the bowlful.

October 12, 2012

Japanese-Style Bath in a North American Bathroom

This is the view from the tub (o-furo) at a hot-springs resort (onsen) in Kanazawa, Japan.

Even if the ocean is inconveniently distant when building your onsen there are other options for a nice bathing environment.

Gero onsen enclosed the o-furo with bamboo screens, delicate trees, and river rocks.

Ha-ha! Mini legs.

Another tub at Gero onsen.

The courtyard in a private home is an opportunity create a beautiful bathing environment.

Even in smaller home a bathing room can be a serene, beautiful place.

Here is the view from the average North American bath-tub.


Why do we put the clean and the dirty in the same space?

Unable to renovate the bathroom and bring it up to Japanese standards, Keith sketched out some ideas for a work-around.

Coolite Bamboo on Hastings Street in Vancouver sells blinds and screens, cut to measure.

The screen is heavy enough that it stands beautifully on its own. With a potted plant from our balcony, things start to look much better. Perhaps something grassy, with a stone or two, can replace the potted plant in the future.

We'd still like something to hid the tank. Perhaps a framed painting that could come down off the wall when needed.

The screen rolls up and fits nicely into the bathroom cupboard after a relaxing soak.
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