October 23, 2009

Okanagan Trip August

Some photos from our wine-tasting trip to the Okanagan Valley in August, 2009.The red bridge over the Similkameen River, near our favourite riverside campsite. Just outside Keremeos, BC.

Inside Orofino Winery's strawbale storage room. Orofino, we'll have it known, makes the best Riesling this side of Alsace. And that is not even getting to their excellent collection of crisply acidic whites and beautifully structured reds.

Freshly picked nectarines, passable prosciutto and Road 13's Honest John Rosé. A delicious appetizer before grilled pork chops. This was dinner at BC Parks' tiny Inkaneep campsite where we were lucky to grab the last site.

A tour of Foxtrot's winery with Kicki Allender. The Okanagan's best Pinot Noir aging gently in French oak.

Steaks rubbed with chilli, spices and ground coffee with a full-bodied Cabernet-Merlot from Sandhill. Dinner beside the river at our favourite campsite in the Similkameen valley.

Picking apricots into a hat.

The collection from this trip. Lots of familiar faces and many new treasures.
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