August 22, 2013

Two Panorama Views of Our Show at Kafka's

On Sunday evening, an amazing Vancouver photographer known for his mind-bending wide-angle views, came to shoot some panoramas of our show. Click and drag to move around, and +/- to zoom.

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Now that you have a good view of the show, we can post our 'statements':

Aya: Heavy Lines

My work is usually representational, so I used the daily deadlines of a recent Thirty Days Project to challenge myself to work in abstraction. Selecting a few of those thirty pieces for further examination, I studied with a classic sumi-e teacher in Osaka to learn new brush and ink techniques in order to express them more completely.
The finished pieces are abstractions of real-world subjects and their simple, bold, dynamic lines belie the technical and physical demands involved in their creation.

Keith: Heavy Skies 

Lifted Condensation Limit: the flat bottom of towering clouds caused by cool temperatures condensing the moisture out of warm, rising air.

Tadao Ando: self-taught Japanese architect whose designs include spare, angled slabs of unfinished concrete that follow the forms of their surroundings and use light and shadow to create a sense of improbable buoyancy.

Extruded Polystyrene: rigid, light-weight foam, often used for non-load-bearing architectural structures. Its closed-cell structure gives an appearance similar to concrete when used in ink-based printmaking.

Horisusumi: 彫進み “progressive carving”, a printmaking technique using one block to apply multiple colours to a print, carving away new sections of the block between print runs until nothing remains and no further prints are possible.

See more on
Aya's portfolio site
Keith's portfolio site

August 19, 2013

More Photos of Our Show...

We had an amazing local photographer come and take some special photos of our show at Kafka's. We will post the results here in a few days.
Aya's cats and crows are selling well.

Aya's three large paintings catch the reflected evening sun.

Aya's Heavy Lines 04.

Keith's Heavy Skies series.

August 16, 2013

Our Show, "Heavy Skies & Lines", at Kafka's in Vancouver

We have been working all through July and August, preparing our work for this show at Kafka's.

Planning the arrangement.

The curator, Michael Schwartz, helped enormously with the installation.

Vinyl lettering looks great applied directly to the wall.

Aya couldn't resist including some of her animal watercolour pieces. They were the first to sell.

Opening night.

Many thanks to everyone who came out on a damp Thursday evening.

Tim Gerwing played music from his Thirty Days Project work.

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