August 17, 2011

BC Camping #5: Water

The unusually deep snow-pack over the winter raised water levels all over the province.

This "island" in Marble Canyon Provincial Park is usually a small stand of trees in a riverside meadow.

Highway 99 follows the Fraser River along Fountain Valley, east of Lillooet.

Our site at Ashnola Campground is right beside Ewart Creek.

Ewart Creek is a cold but refreshing dip on a hot afternoon.

Coming down the big switchbacks of Highway 3, high over Osoyoos Lake. Haynes Point Provincial Park is just visible on the left. The narrow green promontory is a great camping spot, but is booked well in advance.

North-east across Kootenay Lake from Kaslo.

The community-maintained Halfway hot springs near Nakusp.

These river-side hot pools were where we had a breakfast of roast chicken and chardonnay.There are usually a couple more pools but the river had risen right over them. We had to siphon cold river water in to mix with the piping hot, odourless springs water. The two were at such temperature extremes that the hot water floated on top of the cold, making two distinct layers. We had to constantly stir it all up in order to stay comfortable.

The very challenging path down to the river-side hot springs. Aya was determined and wouldn't let anything get in between her and a hot soak.

The ferry across Upper Arrow Lake, from Shelter Bay to Galena. Running hourly, the crew is reluctant to abandon travelers to a long wait for the next trip. Our ferry actually returned to the dock after leaving to pick up late-comers. Twice. I am not kidding.

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