August 6, 2011

BC Camping #2: Fauna

Two nice encounters with wildlife on Highway 12 outside of Lilooet:

This little black bear scampered up the steep embankment, pausing only to wave his tongue at us. No sign of a mother around, and he looked a little young to be on his own. Perhaps not.

These two mountain goats tolerated each other while they grazed, but would clash whenever a vehicle passed, perhaps reacting to the noise. They stood stock still after each clash, which is understandable considering how hard they hit.

This little orange terror wandered into our campsite, very confident and full of play. She helped set up the tent.

She inspected our washing line.

She investigated the car.

She took a peek in the tent...

... and chased the finger-monster inside.

She helped cook breakfast in the morning.

Eventually she settled down for a wash and a squeeze or two.

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