August 8, 2011

BC Camping #3: Food

Our first dinner of the trip was a real surprise. Our campsite was only a couple of hours outside Vancouver, and just north of Hope.

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This diner was the only restaurant around, and it looked like it held little beyond deep-fried frozen things. However, when I asked the Indo-Canadian owner if there was curry to be had, his eyes lit up. "You like curry?" he asked, smiling.
Turns out his family was preparing a curry lunch for a nearby festival the next day. For 500 people. They asked what we wanted and we said "an amazing dinner for two, please." They didn't let us down.

Raita, dahl, chai paneer and puri.

Fresh-ground espresso every morning, of course.

Korean bulgogi beef with pasta and beer for dinner.

Landmark Bakery in Kaslo gets a shout-out. I'm sure their food is great, but it was their password-free wifi that we particularly appreciated.

Simple, perfect omelette and salad lunch with great friends just outside Nelson.

There were some memorable restaurants in Nelson, too. In particular, The Bent Fork where the cornbread French toast made an excellent breakfast.

We so often forget to take photos when making and eating meals. We'll try to get better at this.

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