August 13, 2011

BC Camping #4: Mountains

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the mountains in British Columbia. They scrape the bottoms of clouds, shine orange in the sun, and loom over like shaded giants. A few days scooting around their feet will show their many different personalities. They are dry and bare, black and jagged, snow-capped, lush green, softly rounded, imposing, beckoning.

Looking up from our campsite at Ashnola.

Along Highway 3 in the Kettle Valley.

Crow's Nest Pass, Highway 3.

The ridge above Hedley, home to one of Canada's most lucrative gold mines.

At the Mining Museum in Hedley there was a telescope pointed up at the old mining buildings. Aya managed this amazing shot through the eyepiece.

View from our campsite, Marble Canyon Provincial Park.

Behind Church & State winery, Black Sage Bench in the south Okanagan Valley.

Looking across Slocan Lake at Valhalla Provincial Park.

The Trans-Canada Highway reveals treasures like this with alarming frequency.

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