January 17, 2009

Tunisia 01

A friend we met in Tunisia recently wrote asking why there were no photos on this blog of our time spent there. It is an excellent question, and one that can be expanded to ask "why no photos of Firenze? Or of Tuscany? Or Sardegna? Napoli? Sicily? Well, the easy answer would be something like "we didn't take any" or "we hate those places", but of course both of those are demonstrably, egregiously, parsimoniously false. In fact, it is because we loved all those places so much that we ended up with over 10,000 photos from our trip and our intentions to blog them just kind of collapsed under their weight in kilobytes.

"But," you cleverly point out in rebuttal, "get off yer ass you lazy monkeys." Well said, although we find your use of the colloquial "yer" repellent and citrus-scented.

To meet the semi-fictional demand, we will now start posting photos and stories from our time in Tunisia and other
neglected locations even though the order in which they appear may be both illogical and incorrect, temporally speaking. Here is the down payment on that usurious promise.

The Grand Mosque, Tunis. The mix of architecture throughout the Mediterranean region is one of its delights.

Entrance to the Grand Mosque, Tunis.

Shoe shiner outside Tunis train station. You might think that those exotic colours would be for women's shoes, but that is not necessarily the case in Tunisia. The fine, strong feet of both sexes were shod in leather shoes of all fey shades. On a related topic, in every restaurant we entered, even those described in the guides as having "masculine atmosphere", the only kind of wine we saw being consumed was rosé. Just saying.

An entrance to the Tunis souk. One of many. More photos from within the souk in the next posts.

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