January 8, 2009

Ab-Wheel Rollouts

A friend on the Strong Lifts forum expressed interest in getting one of these to add abdominal and core work to his 5x5 program.
They seem to be riotously expensive where he lives and ridiculously cheap here, so we packaged one up and sent it to him for far less than what it would cost him. Such are the vague uncertainties of the global economy. He'll have it in a week or two, and then he'll be crippled with pain for weeks. That's the Internet for you; now you can reach out across the globe and cause a complete stranger to self-inflict tremendous pain on a daily basis. All the best to you Beppe! Start slowly and you'll soon be doing them like Vasko here.

I'm getting back into them after a long absence, so my form isn't like Vasko's. I'm doing them from a standing position (knees bent a bit) and rolling out to almost full extension now. Beppe is a strong man, so I've got to keep at it if I want to stay ahead of him. He also lives in Piedmont, which is the home of the amazing barolo chinato, a bottle of which we bought in Lucca in 2006. Through strict rationing, we have a little left still. Incredible. Hopefully we'll get to open a bottle with Beppe some day.

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