January 4, 2009

Tallest Ever

This morning we decided to make our regular style of cappuccinos after having had them with egg nog over the holidays. Because it had been a while since I'd made Aya a tall foam hat on her capp, I shook the hot milk in a jar extra long and spooned the resulting foam high, higher, highest ever. Aya's squeals were just what I had hoped for. But in the middle of the usual celebrations (continued squealing, tickling, hiding behind me and pointing at the coffees), the bread machine on the counter went "beep!" and started shaking its fat booty. The cappuccinos beside it immediately joined in the funky rhythm of the bread machine's gyrations, coffee sloshing gently in the cups and the foam towers trying to keep up, one step behind. Dancing cappuccinos! Technically they were too cute to drink, but we managed.

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