January 13, 2009

Standing Rib Roast

Aya rubbed a big rib roast with rosemary, garlic and olive oil last night and threw it in the oven. It came out beautifully. We had never carved a rib roast before and in all the excitement we forgot to take any photos. But you can bet it was soft and red inside and that the drippings were used to make the most amazing Yorkshire puddings. The ribs came off in one slice and were gnawed on happily. It was a gorgeous feast, made even more so by the inclusion of this delicious Amarone by our treasured dinner guest. Long cherry and leather flavours, with all kinds of aromas as it opened up more and more. Plum skins, raisins (a sign of a successful Amarone), roasty-cinnamon-spice... it was all there.

And speaking of wine, we had an unusual sensation on Saturday night. We had a bottle of Sandhill's Small Lots Petit Verdot 2005 and it was excellent, full and fruity, lots of black currant flavour and a long, long finish. We had heard the word "chewy" used to describe a wine, but always thought it was one of those ridiculous words that reeks of pomposity. The feel of this wine instantly popped that word into our heads, however, and we laughed as we realized it was the perfect description of the sensation. A little poking around (well, one quick Google search) revealed more references and definitions of this term.

For the record, Aya made her first classic tourtière, with all the heady spices (she also made a bunch of small ones in tartlet tins for afternoon munching).

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