March 13, 2009


A few weeks back, on a dark Monday evening while we toiled in the office, two of Vancouver's best and brightest decided it was the right time to push in our bedroom window, ransack the place and steal our shiny things. A Nancy Drew-ish neighbour, passing at the right moment, noticed that there was a lot more foot-traffic than usual through our window and sweetly called the police. We only became aware of what had happened when the good officers arrived, missing the loot-laden lads by just six minutes, according to our security cameras.

Luckily they didn't get much, and very little that can't be replaced. They did miss some things by the merest good fortune, and they did luck into some things the value of which they haven't the smallest idea. But then, not having the smallest idea seems to be the predominant quality of their world-view. They probably think the hand-made Japanese lacquer box is plastic. Sigh. What really boils our bottoms is the wine. They managed to relieve us of a significant quantity (all) of our Foxtrot Pinot Noir 2005 and all-but-one of our Sandhill Small Lots Petit Verdot 2004 (PDF link). The real crime, of course, is that they won't air it properly and most certainly will serve it at the wrong temperature and with the wrong dish. I predict their dinner will be ruined. Just ruined.Pardon me, sir, but is that Foxtrot Pinot Noir you're carrying? Sir is clearly in possession of a discriminating palate. We hope the wine's 16 months in French oak will not over-power the scent of urine in whichever dumpster Sir chooses to partake of this spicy vintage. Bon appetit!

Animated GIFs from the security cameras in the hall and stairs.
The first one is paused on particularly revealing frames.

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