February 16, 2009

Tunisia 04: Evenings

With no shortage of cafés (but a severe shortage of bars), Tunisia provided lots of opportunities for us to sit and sketch or catch up on our journals while slowly sipping glasses of hot mint tea. The tea is very sweet and in many places they will serve you "thé pignons" (tea with pine nuts) because it is four times the price of the plain mint tea you ordered, you cheap tourist bastard. We call this kind of thing "shaking the money tree". Any chance you get, just try to shake a bit of extra coin out of a tourist. There's always another one along soon.

To avoid this we looked for cafés where the older gents gathered to play cards and dominoes. These people were usually more interesting to talk to and were less nervous when they caught us sketching them. They were always amazed at Aya, calmly sitting in a café in the evening, enjoying her tea and writing in her journal. Whatever will women get up to next?
Café in La Marsa, north along the coast from the capital, Tunis.

Aya's journal for the night, with comics of donuts and cats.

Keith's sketch of the café customers.

The lounge area in our La Marsa apartment, waiting for us to come home.

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  1. Hey Keith and Aya thanks for keeping your promise :) i guess you know who i am now.. i miss y'all we should meet again


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