September 4, 2011

Vancouver Figs

The two fig trees closest to our home in Vancouver never seem to close the deal; the fruit appears on schedule but stays hard, puny and green until it falls off sometime in the winter.
A friend has just moved to the west side and the tree in her new yard does not have that problem. In fact, its problems are due to an over-abundance of very ripe figs: bees, ants, and showers of sticky fig juice with every gentle breeze.

Luckily for us, she invited us to come and take as many as we could carry.

Fat figs, high atop the tree.

 Monkey will climb for figs.

 Fat, juicy and soft. With some apples for good measure.

 Quartered, with prosciutto, feta, black pepper and a little balsamic vinegar.

The salty feta and prosciutto are a perfect match for the honey-like, perfumed figs. A spectacular appetizer.

This article suggests why figs might not ripen. The reason seems to be a lack of water during hot, dry weather. Perhaps we'll go out to our nearby trees this evening with a bucket of water and see if we can't help the fruit along.

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