September 27, 2011

Opening Reception: Aya's Catering

Michael, the Curator, did an excellent job hanging our show. He managed to make a sensible, attractive display from our huge number of pieces.

It took two nights to hang them all, but the end result was very satisfying.

Aya's catering was a real highlight of the night. We know this because there was almost nothing left by the end of the night.

Orange Madeleines, fruit and sponge toffee with dark chocolate.

Sweet-and-salty shortbread, under the flowers.

The star of the line-up: home-made pork rillette, served with pickles and grainy mustard.

Potato chips dusted with herbs and spice, and a platter of watermelon cubes with goat cheese, black pepper and a balsamic reduction.

Babaghanouj, tadziki, flatbread, baguette, veggies, and mini cornbread muffins baked with a tomato slice.

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