November 7, 2010

Never Do This

When Tim Horton's Donuts moved into a building at Main and Broadway, we weren't very happy. There is a feeling to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and it comes from the creative minds behind the independent businesses that have made it an interesting and vibrant place to live and visit. It doesn't come from franchise operations. But they are here to stay, and full of high-school kids every lunch hour. Well, at least it's a Canadian company.

Taking advantage of their deep fat fryers, we tried a salt/sweet flavour combination experiment that we are almost ashamed to post here; bacon sandwiches. On donuts. Seriously.

We fried up some extra-crispy bacon and stuffed it into warm donuts; sour cream glazed, toffee glazed, and French crullers. We had lovely scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach, and coffee (our own, not from TH), too, but they didn't completely undo the evil.

Don't do this.

How was it? Very good, but way too sweet. Sorry, TH, we won't be regulars.

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