August 27, 2010

Dig-Dig #1: Road Trip

Back in 2003 we went to Ica, Peru, and had our first taste of fossil hunting under the expert direction of Sr. Roberto "Penny" Cabrera.

We piled into his specially-equipped pick-up truck.

We camped on the desert floor.

We searched for fossils.

We found whales...

... and shark's teeth.

If it can be said that we have the fossil-hunting bug, then that trip was the vector of our disease, eventually leading us to research places in North America where we could dig around in the dirt for surprising items of questionable value.

This August, we succumbed to a full-on relapse and drove almost 5,000 kilometers in search of very old fish, extinct sea-bugs, and shiny pretty things.

Here is a link to our route on the ever-wonderful Google Maps.

And here is a small on-board version for the timid. If it's loading slowly, try clicking on Map to turn off the Satellite view.

View Dig! Dig! August 2010 in a larger map

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