August 22, 2013

Two Panorama Views of Our Show at Kafka's

On Sunday evening, an amazing Vancouver photographer known for his mind-bending wide-angle views, came to shoot some panoramas of our show. Click and drag to move around, and +/- to zoom.

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View #1
View #2

Now that you have a good view of the show, we can post our 'statements':

Aya: Heavy Lines

My work is usually representational, so I used the daily deadlines of a recent Thirty Days Project to challenge myself to work in abstraction. Selecting a few of those thirty pieces for further examination, I studied with a classic sumi-e teacher in Osaka to learn new brush and ink techniques in order to express them more completely.
The finished pieces are abstractions of real-world subjects and their simple, bold, dynamic lines belie the technical and physical demands involved in their creation.

Keith: Heavy Skies 

Lifted Condensation Limit: the flat bottom of towering clouds caused by cool temperatures condensing the moisture out of warm, rising air.

Tadao Ando: self-taught Japanese architect whose designs include spare, angled slabs of unfinished concrete that follow the forms of their surroundings and use light and shadow to create a sense of improbable buoyancy.

Extruded Polystyrene: rigid, light-weight foam, often used for non-load-bearing architectural structures. Its closed-cell structure gives an appearance similar to concrete when used in ink-based printmaking.

Horisusumi: 彫進み “progressive carving”, a printmaking technique using one block to apply multiple colours to a print, carving away new sections of the block between print runs until nothing remains and no further prints are possible.

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Aya's portfolio site
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