February 18, 2013

Black Garlic

We have been making black garlic, fermenting entire buds slowly over two weeks and then drying them for another week.

With a texture like soft, creamy dates, the black garlic adds a dark, fruity richness to roast beef gravy and goes amazingly well with most cheeses.


  1. Mmm. Nice photographs of a very tasty treat. My question, and please excuse my ignorance: How does one ferment garlic? Thanks.

    - Rob

  2. Seriously. How does one ferment garlic?

    - Tony (from Tony's)

  3. No, really, truly, seriously, man, how does one ferment garlic? I wouldn't ask if I knew how to use an internet search angina.

    - Sir Carl Booty Jr.

  4. >How does one ferment garlic?

    Pretty much the same as you would any other vegetable. No big surprises :)

  5. Thank you. Now I can sleep. All three of me.

    Rob, Tony (from Tony's) and Sir Carl Booty Jr.


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