September 29, 2012

Summer Goodies

Yellow plums, blackberries and red currants, all gathered from bushes and trees growing in parks and alleys in our neighbourhood.

Beautiful, aromatic, powder-coated plums, chosen one-by-one from the farmer's box. Their yellow flesh tastes like sunshine.

For a while we had a young woman from New Zealand coming by once a week with experimental baked goods. For $4, she would drop off a tupperware crammed with cookies, bars, brownies, cakes and scones of various flavours and types.

She took a week or two off and never started up again. It was great while it lasted. Like summer.

1 comment:

  1. That one photograph of the yellow plums, red currants and blackberries says it all. What amazing bounty lies just around our own corners. I think it's very cool that you shared something as simple but wonderful as that.

    - Rob


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