June 10, 2012


We rescued some dried-up hemispheres of moss from a sidewalk recently. They were scattered around the base of a building, apparently after being scraped off the roof by someone whose job was scraping roofs, not sweeping sidewalks.

We had low expectations for their survival, but a little water and southern exposure has been good for them

Almost too good, perhaps, since they are merging together and now appear to be threatening to break out of their dish.

Our first attempt at moss growing was less successful. We brought a moss-covered rock home from a camping trip and tried to re-create its moist, north-facing mountain climate on our moist, north-facing balcony.

The rock seems pretty happy, at least.


  1. cute little tuffets! FYI, you can put moss in a blender, and then paint it onto the surface that you want mossy. Maybe your pet rock wasn't moist enough. Try letting it sit in a puddle so it's outer surface is as wet as possible.

  2. We had it partially submerged in a big, shallow planter of water for months, and we arranged for a very wet Vancouver winter, but that didn't seem to help. What you see in the pic was invisible under an inch-thick duvet of rich green moss when we got it. I like the blender idea. We could try making a moss garden that way.


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