January 23, 2012

Local Fauna Update: Christmas in the Grotto

You might remember the local fauna that appeared, one piece at a time, in the "rock garden" (grotto) outside our building.

The little creatures change position every few days and this encourages the casual observer to rationalize the the new positions by inventing story lines. "Squirrel Tries To Eat A Nut In Peace" has some tense moments, but it's hard to beat the drama of "Sauropod Adores Masked Rider Who Is Wracked With Guilt".

We were delighted to discover that Christmas is clearly a time for putting aside all the drama of the rest of the year and coming together to worship The Egg.

See how even the tinfoil stars swing low to adore his ovoid perfection!

All hail The Egg!

We still do not know who is doing this. It really isn't us. Srsly. We would tell you.

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