September 25, 2010

Funghi Porcini Alla Griglia

Bosa Foods is not that easy to get to, but is always a welcome reminder that one must return to Italy as soon as possible.

They have some beautiful funghi porcini in the freezer. We doubted that the best Italian porcini would be frozen and shipped off to Vancouver, but since we hadn't had a really satisfying taste of them since Italy in 2007, we decided to risk the expense.

As the "piglets" thawed slowly on the counter, the kitchen started to fill with a deep, earthy tang that promised good things.
 Thawed and worryingly damp.

Halved, with three out of four looking okay. While wet and floppy, they were holding together well at this point.

On a very hot grill, the smell of cooking mushrooms was pronounced and fantastic, reminding us of dinners at the villa in S. Lucia.

Auspicious stripes appearing.

At this point the sounds and smells had us nearly drooling with anticipation.

With a little olive oil, black pepper, and big grains of sea salt, these were indescribably delicious. Every bite was just intense flavour; earthy, aromatic and deeply satisfying.

What wine, you wonder?
Why, this one: Sandhill Small Lots Single Block Chardonnay. (PDF link).
The mushrooms calmed the apple-lemony fruitiness down a little and let the warm, caramel-oakiness come forward. Just spectacular.

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